Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today was our CIS interview for Hannah. It was intense right from the start. The office we were assigned to started on the attack right off. We didn't have an attorney with us at the beginning because the attorney in GA couldn't get in touch with the Memphis office until this morning. So we go in by ourselves and the officer immediately starts demanding to know how she got here and why we just hadn't adopted her already, and how could she be declared abandoned if we brought her here and have been caring for her. We could barely answer one of her questions before she was demanding an answer to another. Then she wanted all the paperwork from Mexico. The attorney finally showed up and started pointing out that those weren't necessary because we had a court order. When the officer stepped out of the room the attorney said that she has had trouble with her before. She was so rude, I told Jeff even the FBI wasn't that rude when they interviewed us. Finally, the officer said she was going to request more evidence and that we would have to turn in all the paperwork from Mexico. Then she went to talk to her supervisor. After about 15 minutes she came back and said the Mexican paperwork wouldn't be necessary and she would mail her decision to us. So now we wait. The lawyer said she has no grounds to deny approval, but she probably didn't want to do an about face with us sitting there, so she just said she would mail the decision. Even if she does deny us, we can appeal and go before the judge in Memphis. So let's pray she gets her "happy pill" and sends the approval so we don't have to take extra steps.

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Candace said...

I hate that you had to deal with someone who was not nice at all. Praying that she grants the approval and mails it with an apology. OK, forget the apology, just send the approval!